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Sabbir Hasan

Humble, Decent, Passionate  

1. What’s your go to mid night snack? (Sandwich)
2. What’s something you’ve never done but you’d like to try? (Sky Diving)
3. Your most embarrassing moment? (When pocket is empty)
4. Which is the one celebrity you wouldn’t mind having a 1 night stand with? (On One)
5. Who was your 1st Crush & when? (Preety Zinta. When i was in class 8)
6. At home with no one around, what would we catch you wearing? (Shorts)
07. Your dream holiday destination is? (Madrid Spain)
08. If you were a super hero, what would be your super power & your look like? (Iron Man & all power of Iron man)
09. Your favorite word or phrase? ( I’m nobody & nobody is perfect)
10. Fav Movie :(Money Heist )
11.Fav Books : ( all book of Humayun Ahmed & Sarat Chattopadhyay)
12. Fav food : ( Bangali Food)
13. Fav actor/Actress : (Shah Rukh Khan)
14. Fav songs : ( O amar Bondhugo)
15. love : ( Honesty)
16. hate : ( Being Betrayed)