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FM MAMA is a drive time corporate show aired on Radio Today FM 89.6, daily except Friday at 6pm till 10pm. Rj Tutul is the host of this show. Listeners call him MAMA. It’s not as like as the typical Mama, it’s all about like buddy the trendy salutation in modern times corporate or youngsters tones. There are some particular segments of this very much popular show. At the very First half an our Rj just plays only remake or cover songs. Then after Evening prime News another sold segment been started.

In this particular segment Rj plays all the Retro type of songs specifically from 80s and 90s. This segment is very much popular to the listeners. This segment runs till 8:20pm. Then needs to broadcast Bangladesh Betar news at 8:30pm. After News The last and final hour of FM MAMA runs again with fantastic music and full speed. Basically Rj plays all the variety of songs in this final hour.

Before starting the show a digital banner of FM MAMA been posted on the Facebook page where listeners can easily write their opinion as a comment and they can easily connect with Rj. Sometimes some special quiz continue by post. Listeners also can give their feedback through text from their mobile phone. Very often Rj MAMA is available on Facebook live with some special guests or topics which creates more color of this show. Above all it’s really a characteristic show where people mention Rj as their MAMA.