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Radio Today FM89.6 is the first private radio station in Bangladesh. The FM radio channel was launched in 2006 with station broadcasts in Dhaka and Chattagram. The channel became very popular among discarding audience within a very short time reaching out to 120 million listeners in major cities like Sylhet, Bogura, Khulna, Mymensing, Barisal, Kushtia, Cumilla including the capital city Dhaka and the port city Chattagram.  The FM channel has been a market leader for the past 13 years mainly because its dedication and commitment to designing and developing program. The broadcast station has a dedicated team devoted to news and current affairs. The leading brands of the country have also found the FM channel as their main medium for product and service promotion. The award-winning news team of the FM radio channel broadcasts news and current affairs in the quickest possible time and produces news through Voice of America (VOA) as news partner. The radio station has an outdoor team broadcasting live updates from different events and also giving live traffic update through one of the most popular radio segments Dhakar Chaka.



There has been no turning back for Radio Today since the day of its launching. Time has changed, new technologies ave emerged but Radio Today has always been the station that has kept the listeners up-to-date with the time and this has resulted in many achievements for the station. The best achievement Radio Today has is its listeners trust and loyalty. From the top-level corporate executive and management to a farmer, the name Radio Today is at the top of mind, which is an accomplishment any station would aim to achieve. The legendary American Radio Jockey Casey Kasem once said ‘Anytime in radio that you can reach somebody on an emotional level, you’re really connecting.’ Radio Today has been just doing that connecting its audience on an emotional level for the past 12 years.


Radio is one of the oldest medium of mass communication. Over a period of time, the media scene has changed drastically. Television with its inherent strength of audio-visual component has captured the imagination of the people. When in the late 1990s and 2000 radio almost lost its appeal to listeners particularly in urban centers, Radio Today with its innovative approach to program and formats injected new lease of life to radio listening. From almost a dead media radio sprang to life thanks to Radio Today’s initiative to revive radio broadcasting. In January 2017 Radio Today introduced a new team for ‘digital’ activities under the rubric New Media. There is a team designated to look after digital marketing activities and digital works. Now radio station is actively engaged in digital programming while serving different clients. Now people can simultaneously listen and watch programs live through Radio Today fm 89.6 facebook fan age. News is also going live through fan page regularly. Radio Today’s fan page has highest engagement rate for most of the month of 2017.


Content design and quality production are the most crucial tasks for a radio station. Listeners want to listen to impressive voices look for good content. The success of a station depends on contents, delivery style, and its ability to attract the listeners and capture their attention for long. Radio Today has been successful on both the areas. The main motto of the channel is to provide listeners information with entertainment what we call ‘Infotainment’. Infotainment is Radio Today’s main format in designing programs and contents. Ever since its launch in 2006, the radio channel is broadcasting four news bulletins everyday for a duration of 15/20 minutes each at 8:45am, 1:45pm, 6:45pm and 11:45pm.The news bulletin in 8:45 in the morning and late night one at 11:45 are jointly produced and presented by Radio Today and Voice of America (VOA). Beside these, news bulletins entitled ‘News in 2 minutes’ are also being broadcast five times every day. Radio Today covers all major events and current affairs in home and abroad including development stories, socio-economic and political news, legal affairs, health, environment, investigative news, women-empowerment, science and technology, international and sports, entertainment, green news, showbiz and lifestyle, celebrity, religion, interview, public and expert opinion, good news and weather updates in our news bulletins. At the same time, it has been uploading news on the website and going live on the official Facebook page and live streaming on YouTube channel Radio Today FM 89.6 News. The station also uploads news-related videos on our facebook page and YouTube channel. One of the most popular segments of Radio Today is Dhakar Chaka which gives the overall Dhaka traffic update for 17 times. Also, Radio Today is conducting Facebook live programs on current topics everyday.

Annotation Partnership

Radio Today is very much focused when it comes to promoting the brand. Being the first and leading FM radio hannel of the country, Radio Today has enjoyed the competitive advantage and is continuing its legacy after 13 years. Radio Today has always been involved in different types of media partnership. Radio today has partnered in many concert, reality shows, sports, educational program, etc. and has also been partnered with many International brands in different occasions. It has also promoted public awareness for traffic and also during natural calamities. Radio Today is committed to serving their customers and clients. Everyday Radio Today airs regular RDC and Endorsement on time and without any interruption. From day one, Radio Today has been working for the etterment of the country. Radio Today has also been working with different NGOs and UN organizations. The FM channel has tie-ups with USAID, UNICEF, IOM, JOHNS HOPKINS, among others.



  • Radio Today always airs Public Service Announcements (PSA) whenever there is a need for it.
  • Radio Today FM 89.6 is the first private radio station in Bangladesh.
  • Radio Today has worked with USAID, UNICEF, IOM, JOHNS HOPKINS and multiple other international organizations andNGOs.
  • One of the most popular segments of Radio Today is Dhakar Chaka, which gives overall Dhaka traffic update for 17 times.