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  • RJ Afrin

    Full Name: Afrin Ahmed

    Nick Name: Lopa

    DOB: 1st April

    My Shows: Hot FM

    Zodiac Sign: Aries

    Personality Type: Friendly, outgoing, deadly with snobbish people.

    RJ-ing Style: Rapid and informative

    Fashion: Trendy & Stylish. Love fashion and experimenting with new looks.

    Passions: Law, Foreign Language, Music, Traveling, Reading, VDO games (I am addicted), Movies

    Books: Humayun Ahmed, Jafor Iqbal, Shahriar Kabir, Sidney Sheldon. I love to read.

    Fav Food: Deshi street food, Mexican, Korean (spc. sushi)

    Fav Actor/s: Johny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Zeta Jones, amongst the Khans- Saif Ali Khan, Angelina Jollie,

    Nandita Das, Shabana Azmi, Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu (better as a model), Al Pacino, Jackie Chan

    Fav Songs: any Warfaze songs, Man eater- Nelly Furtado, Crazy in Love- Beyonce, Beautiful Liar- Beyonce ft. Shakira,

    Pharell & Snoop Dogg, Punk Rocker- Sandi Thomas, Michael Jackson, Habib, Rauma, Samina chowdhury and many more :)

    Movies: Sound of Music (reminds me of my childhood), Heartbreak kids, Slumdog Millionaire, Pirates of the Caribbean, Taal, Veja fry,

    I Love: Myself first,Good companionship and meeting new people. I love to have a positive affect on people.

    I Hate: Prank callers, dishonest and small minded people. Pessimist, religious fanatics, social injustice,

    I really hate male chauvinists and people with bad body odour


  • RJ Anjeleen

    Full Name: Jannat Neela

    Nick Name: Anjeleen

    DOB: 5th June

    My Show: OMG!!!

    Zodiac Sign: Gemini

    Personality Type: I am independent. I will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules. I need to experience the world on my own. Changes and freedom are extremely important to me, will never let anyone dictate me. I am curious, talkative, versatile and mentally active. I am the eternally youthful child, no matter my chronological age.

    RJ-ing Style: Random.

    Fashion: Always in hurry!!! Pick the one most comfy :p

    Passion: Family.Friends.Performance.

    Books: Don't ask please, it would take 200 pages to finish! But yeah always keep Rabindronath, Najrul, Humayun, Jibonanondo with me.

    Fav Food: Everything my Mom cooks :D

    Fav Actor: Anjan Datta, Salman, Ajay Devgn, Kajol, Kareena, Jhony Depp, Drew Berrymore, Camerun Diaz & many more.

    Fav Songs: 'Ja Shuni Taar Shobi Vaalo'

    Movies: A lot of names. Don't want to examine anyone's patience.

    I Love: meeting my friends, sea, flowers, river, crop field, butterflies, paintings, birds, orchards, chocolate, sweets, icecream, elephant, sky, cloud, rain, sun shine, moon, stars, infact everything in nature.

    I Hate: This is the big problem of me I guess!! I never can actually hate anything or anyone. Yes sometimes become a little sad by observing something very unfair but never can't hate for this. I would rather love to keep distance from unpleasant things, Life is too short to hate stuffs right?

    Favourite Quotations : We are the same as trees, as other people, as rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, We are the same as everything – Buddhaa. Add life to days not days to life.

  • RJ Anu

    RJ Anu Christina

    About Me:  I am friendly but very emotional, like to believe people, confident about my self, short temper

    Full Name:
    Anima Christina Costa

    Nick Name:

    30th December

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    Personality Type: Friendly, simple, introvert & Sophisticated

    RJ-ing Style: Soft, informative and entertaining
    I like to update myself but which I feel comfort I prefer that.
    Like to travel, love music, singing and reciting, like to give puppet voice, meet with new type of people.
    Novel- Robindranath Tagor, Jafor Iqbal, Sunil Gongopaddhay, Somoresh Mojumdar, and all kinds of poem
    Fav. Food:
    Fried chicken & rice, pizza, sweets, chocolates
    Fav. Actor: Tom Cruze, Angelina Jollie, Lindsay Lohan, Amir Khan, Ranvir Kapur, Sonam Kapur
    Fav. Songs:
    Classical, fusion, soft and melodious songs
    Gerila, Barfi, Ghajini, Perfume, Ratatouille
    I love:
    Simplicity & Honesty
    I hate:

  • RJ Arif

    About Me: U will know when u listen to me

    Full Name : S. M. Ariful Azim

    Nick Name : Arif

    Zodiac sign : Aquarius

    Personality type : friendly  n Simple

    RJ-ing style : Full of energy n fun

    Fashion : What makes me look good n I m comfortable with

    Passions : Music, movies, food n knowing new things.

    Books : A lot……..

    Fav food : Hmmm……it’s a tough question

    Fav actor : Who acts good

    Fav songs : Thousands…….

    Movies : I m a movie maniac

    I love : honesty

    I hate : liars

  • RJ Arko

    About Me: Friendly, Fun loving and outgoing, deadly with snobbish people.

    Full Name: Sakib Hossain Arko

    Nick Name: Arko

    DOB: 22nd September

    My Show: Boom Box

    Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    Personality Type: Funny, Talkative, Food Lover, Shopaholic and Friendly.

    RJ-ing Style: Humorous and Rapid.

    Fashion: Simply Trendy.

    Passion: Singing, Travelling and RJ-ing ofcourse.

    Books: All the books of Jafar Iqbal. I prefer Sci-Fi, Comedy and horror books mostly!

    Fav Food: Danish Chicken, Chinese and whatever my Mom makes

    Fav Actor: From Hollywood: JJohny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox. From Bollywood: All most all the Khans, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma.

    Fav Songs: In case of song taste I am a bit Old School type person but I also like latest song if it is matched with my thoughts.

    Movies: I mostly prefer comedy, horror and action movies. So the list is HUGE!

    I Love: Allah and all the persons I love who are very close to my life and Sleeping!!!

    I Hate: Cheaters, Cheap minded people, Liars and people with bad fashion sense.

  • RJ Aronyo

    About Me: Always eager to learn & hopeful

    Full Name: A M Rowshan Jahan

    Nick Name: Aronyo

    My Shows: Radio Gaan Buzz

    Zodiac sign: Jeminy

    Personality type: Cheerful

    RJ-ing style: Creative

    Fashion: It means to me which I fell comfort & people like.

    Passions: Any thing Creative

    Books: Novel, Poetry

    Fav food: Khichuri

    Fav actor: Tom Cruze, Kate wInslate, Drew Barrymore, Shahrukh Khan, All Bangladeshi Actor

    Fav songs: Any Melodies Song

    Movies: Titanic, The lost world, DDLJ, Bansi. & Many more

    I love: People

    I hate: Some People

  • Farhana

    RJ Farhana

    About Me: Well, kinda talkative person. sometime Camouflaging ......

    Full Name: Nowshin Farhana Noor

    Nick Name: Mumu

    My Show: Morning Express, Friday Morning

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    Personality Type: Extrovert in on-air....Introvert in outside.. A lil bit confused....

    RJ-ing Style: Speedy.....non stop,....non breath taking..unlimited 'addabazi'.

    Fashion: Trendy....try to follow my own created style....

    Passion: Music... movies.... freinds.... books...

    Books: A letter from unborn child, Hundred years of solititude, A motor cycle dairy's, Win'g of fire, The namesake, The prophet..

    Fav Food: Nothing.

    Fav Actor: Collin Ferrol, Josh Heartnet, Russel Crow, Channing Tatum, Meg Rayan, Ann Heathaway, Kate Bekinsale, Megan Fox, Winnona Rider, Tom Hanks, etc

    Fav Songs: To tough to fallen, smoke on the water, irish, with or without u, let me go, romeo and juliet, hallow years, hate me or kill me, big maghine... etc.

    Movies: Well this list is unlimited..... bridges of madison county, the chsaw massacar, carnifolnia, crush, the houre's, dude wheres ny car, surrogates, road to perdition, a beautiful mind and ofcource twilite, etc.

    I Love: Probably evrything....

    I Hate: Duel personality, crazyness, rudeness, screeming.....

  • RJ Tinni

    RJ Kaniz

    About Me: Fun, fantastic, marvelous, vibrantly! ok, u gotta listen to me to know me better.

    Full Name: Kaniz Fatema

    Nick Name: Kan Iz

    DOB: 21st JUNE.

    My Show: OMG & Hot FM

    Zodiac Sign: Gemini

    Personality Type: Breezingly Cool!

    RJ-ing Style: Fast, Humourous, Full of Energy, Mysterious.

    Fashion: Up-to-date and trendy Fashionista

    Passion: Anchoring! and I am very Photoholic!

    Books: Twilight! lol, well, I don't read much books. Eto time koi?:p

    Fav. Food: Italian and Indian, Fuchka, Yummy Deserts, Ice-cream!

    Fav. Actor: Anonto Jalil (too mainstream!)

    Fav. Songs: It keeps on changing!

    Movies: Animated movies.

    I Love: Talking..talking... and keep on Talking! Dancing,hanging out, Do crazy staffs! And I love People, only who can Interact easily!

    I Hate: Snobbish, Arrogant people and who have Zero sense of Humour and Fashion!

    Fav. Quote: Success is when your Signature becomes an Autograph!

  • RJ Tinni

    RJ Nazyr

    About Me: Not any combination of 26 alphabets can describe myself clearly...

    Full Name: Nazyr Hussain

    Nick Name: Robyn

    DOB: 31st DEC.

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    RJ-ing Style: Speedy and Mysterious

    Fashion: Anything in Black is always fashionable to me..

    Passion: Music (Singing Specially!)

    Fav. Books: God father, The Alchemist

    Fav. Food: Bhat with alo bhorta and dim bhaja!

    Fav. Actor: Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, Amir Khan

    Fav. Songs: A lots of, can't name a few....

    Fav. Movies: Blow, The Beautiful Mind, The Illusionist, Downfall, Lord of war. The king's speech..

    I Love: Listen to music...

    I Hate: I hate to follow any traditional rule which is imposed without any reason.... ...

    Fav. Quote: If you win you don't have explain to anyone and if you lose you shouldn't be there to explain..-Adolf Hitler.

  • RJ Nisha

    RJ Nisha

    About Me: Bubbly and simple :)

    Full Name: Afrin Jahan Chowdhury

    Nick Name: Nisha

    My Show: FM Mama and Movie Masti

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces

    Personality Type: Too much talkative, friendly, charming and emotional :)

    RJ-ing Style: Everyday I am trying to do well & style I think fast, talkative & rocking

    Fashion: Salwar kamiz, western outfit and sharee. Actually it depends on time ,mood and occasion!

    Passion: Music

    Books: Science Fiction of Md. Jafar Iqbal, Harry Potter

    Fav Food: Thai Soup & Chicken Fry

    Fav Actor: Apurbo, Joya, John Abraham, Shahed Kapoor, Karina, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston and Ananto Jolil.

    Fav Songs: Lots of  :p

    Movies: Jab We Met, Three Idoits, Avatar, Titanic

    I Love: At first myself, my family & friends

    I Hate: Back biting & lier

  • RJ Robin

    RJ Robin

    About Me: I am logical and a friendly person. Love to sing and love to listen to music. I think simplicity is the real beauty of life.

    Full Name: Aminul Haque

    Nick Name: Robin

    DOB: 28th JUN.

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    Personality Type: Unpredictable

    RJ-ing Style: Info-Dramatic & mysterious

    Fashion: Jeans, Shirt or T-shirt.

    Passion: Masti

    Fav. Books: White Fang by Jack London, Chader Pahar by Bivuti Bhuson, Kal Bela by Samoresh, Gora & Ghore Bairey by Rabindranath Tagore.

    Fav. Food: ultimate Beef

    Fav. Actor: Johny Depp, Russell Crowe, Amir Khan, Humayun Faridi.

    Fav. Songs: Thikana na rekhe, ekla cholore, I

    Fav. Movies: Romeo+juliet, Perfume, God-Father, Baraka, bla bla bla..

    I Love: cooking & addabuzzing

    I Hate:

  • RJ Sakib

    About Me: I am simply a simple man..and i believe simple is the best so....i am the best....

    Full Name : Nazmus Sakib Al-Azam

    Nick Name : Sakib

    My Shows : FM MAMA

    Zodiac sign : capricorn
    Fashion :
    old fashioned
    Passions :
    Books :
    hate to read
    Fav food :
    ice-creame, any kind of sweets, & any thing cooked by my mom.
    Fav actor :
    joya ahasan, rahul bose(india)
    Fav songs :
    sagar jaisi ankho wali (kishor kumar)
    Movies :
    sawdesh (india
    I love :
    my self, because i am selfish..ha ha ha ...
    I hate : ?????????!!!!!!

  • RJ Salman

    About Me: Pro-active.

    Full Name: Salman Md. Abdullah

    Nick Name: Sohel.

    My Shows: Boom Box

    Zodiac sign: Pisces.

    Personality type: Smart, Confident & Naughty.

    RJ-ing style:  Flexible.

    Fashion: Simple.

    Passions: Travelling.

    Books: Academic & short stories.

    Fav food: Vuna khichuri & Meat.

    Fav actor: Imran khan, Mosharrof Karim.

    Fav songs: Bedona modhur hoye jay by Jagjit Sing & etc.

    Movies: Numerous.

    I love: You & my almighty.

  • RJ Shayer

    About Me: Well I am a musician, I love music, passed bba in 07 and now doin my emba at east west university.

    Full Name : Armaan Shayer

    Nick Name : Shayer

    My Shows : Morning Express @ Dhaka

    Zodiac sign : taurus

    Personality type :
    fun loving n rocking
    RJ-ing style : Humerous
    Fashion : Casuals.
    Passions : Music, books,food, traveling
    Books : a lot so I cant specify names.
    Fav food : fuchka,indian chaats, coffee ,chicken fries etc .
    Fav actor : Shahrukh Khan.
    Fav songs : a lot.
    Movies : Shwashank Redemption, Benjamin Button.
    I love : truth, honesty, friends .
    I hate : fakeness ,jealousy, .

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