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About FM89.6

opening ceremonyRadio Today FM89.6 the first and no. 1 private radio, first went on air in May 2006 in Dhaka. From 15th Oct 2006 it expanded coverage to Chittagong and went into commercial broadcasting. It is the first ever 24 hour radio station in Bangladesh. Radio Today broadcasts can now be heard round the clock, round the country, i.e. Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna, Barisal, Mymensingh, Bogra and Sylhet. Radio Today fm 89.6 started the fm radio phenomenon which is now one facet of digital Bangladesh.


Radio Today reach is mainly the youth both CLASS and Mass. It comes across as a vibrant and friendly radio, very much in-connect with the new generation. This is because of the music content which is upbeat, varied and in tune with the young and the playful. At the same time Radio Today has a huge listenership among the serious working professionals commuting to and from work, who rely on it for the latest news, weather and traffic updates.


Radio Today is a music radio which plays popular Bangladeshi music. Featured in programs like Morning Express, OMG, FM MAMA, Boom Box, Movie Masti, Today’s Happy Moments, Paap, Saga and other special programs.

These are music shows presented by celebrity RJ’s. They are entertaining and informative trendsetters who generate the energy that keeps listeners engaged late into the night. Dhaka rides on Dhakar Chaka the first ever traffic updates, a Radio Today special and a staple on every commuter’s menu. These updates are provided live by busybody Outdoor Broadcasters. Radio Today Programming includes extremely useful and reliable weather updates several times a day.

Very responsible programs like Better Health Better Life access the resources of health practitioners and service providers for the benefit of the listeners even in the non-affluent segments. Your thoughts, Aapnar Bhabna, we air them Live. 
'Radio Today programming is mostly live, always lively'. 

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News and Current Affairs is Radio Today’s news department airing four major bulletins from 8:45 am in the morning till Top News at 10 pm and late night bulletin at 11:45 pm. Radio Today news, aired from day one is a must-listen for adult listeners, who rely on the live reporting balanced and impartial presentation. News and news programs have been a major strength of Radio Today ever since inception. "Radio Today'r Sangbad, Shobar Agey Shorboshesh Sangbad (রেডিওটুডে'র সংবাদ, সবার আগে সর্বশেষ সংবাদ)" the latest news before everybody, is the Radio Today slogan that the news department has to live upto. Top of the hour news updates keep listeners informed and in touch with the latest. Radio Today has 68 correspondents in the 64 districts of Bangladesh and a forty person news team who ensure the news stream. In-depth reporting with on-site insight.

VOA and Radio Today jointly produce International News. This broadcast is looked forward to by listeners much like the BBC and VOA news and is showcased as an example of US-Bangla co-operation.

Regular news, events, incidents, occurrences, political developments, economic and business news, international news, news of sports and news of all sorts are aired with neutrality ensured.

'News now. News as it happens'.

Traffic Updates: Dhakar Chaka gives live traffic updates.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

Radio Today programming is accentuated by the developmental, social awareness programs on human rights, environmental concerns, health and civic social issues. Because of our outreach and immediacy, we take it upon ourselves to respond during crises and emergencies. Radio Today believes in development of the country through it’s people. We believe in the people of this country.

Green Radio: Twice award winning program of Radio Today mainstreams SOLUTIONS for a sustainable eco-system and adaptation solutions to deal with the impact of environmental degradation.

America the Dream Country: High officials from the US Embassy inform and engage listeners once every month.

Better Health Better life: Produced is Collaboration with USAID Bangladesh & Voice Of America, the program is committed to build awareness about public Health to ensure a better life.

Stations & Frequency:

Radio Today's Sattions- DHAKA 89.6 MHz


- COX'S BAZAR 89.6 MHz

- KHULNA 89.6 MHz

- BARISAL 89.6 MHz


- BOGRA 89.6 MHz

- SYLHET 89.6 MHz